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Impact Sales & Marketing employees are a dedicated and distributed sales force. Our sales force is focused with clear objectives:

  • To be familiar and trusted resources at each store and experts on their specific retailer
  • To provide frequent store visits to promote our clients' products and keep them top-of-mind
  • To be present in stores for longer periods of time to spot and correct voids and out-of-stocks and to ensure new items are executed with speed to market

Retail Services Include:

  • National retail coverage – Canada
  • Effective retail selling
  • Leading edge technology and a connected sales team
  • Establish and track against retail priorities
  • Execution of sales fundamentals of the brand
  • Speed to market delivery and ACV distribution objectives
  • National auditing
      - Store distribution
      - Price audits
      - Schematics
      - Display objectives
      - Shelf positioning
      - Competitive activity report
      - POS/coupon placement
      - Product rotation and date checks
  • Ad tracking
  • Schematic compliance
  • Real time access to reporting and pictures
  • Reports by customer, by rep, by region
  • Store by store analysis reporting

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